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School Rap

The Northside Rap was created during the 2014-2015 school year by the Navigators on the Move after school club. CLICK HERE to learn more about Navigators on the Move.

Northside Rap (2015 Remix)

By Jeremy McIlwaine

We are the teachers at Northside, Northside.
We are the teachers at Northside, Northside.
We're thinking, learning, growing with persistence and pride.

Verse 1 (Ms. Kelly)
Sitting in my classroom thinking, learning, growing
Students use manipulatives, making sure their work is showing.
Got their name on their paper and they wrote the date.
Man I love Northside because...

Verse 2 (Ms. Powell)
Chilling in my classroom on my work I'm checkin'. 
Best grade level in the school, I'm reppin 2nd
Lifecycles, weather, and the 3 states of matter.
Thinking, learning, growing up the elementary ladder.

Verse 3 (Ms. T Jones)
Second year on the scene, still working with my team.
Navigators On the Move still navigating seas.
Stop! Shhhs... compass cards in the hallway.
With my navigator crew, orange and blue that's how we do.

Verse 4 (Ms. D Jones)
Representing third grade, yeah you know we in the house.
Teaching reading and math skills, D. Jones, I hold it down.
Students on the iPad, use Reflex Math.
If knowledge is the goal, then we on that learning path.

Verse 5 (Ms. Symons)
I'm Symons, yeah, I gotta mindset that grows.
Effort is success, and everybody knows.
Three years in the game, yes teaching is my thing.
Now put your hands up and do that Northside thing.

Verse 6 (Ms. Walker)
We're the first not the last, pre-k head of class.
ABCs, 123s, science, math we're working please.
It's all in fun in the sun, pre-k is what we run.
Knock, knock, shell shocked, kindergarten here they come.

Verse 7 (Ms. Cole)
Technology and books go hand in hand.
Checking out and checking in, and we do it all again.
We got books, we got magazines, something fun and new.
When you finish with your book, please return or renew.

Verse 8 (Ms. Quick)
It's Quick's 4th grade, walking through the door.
This is my job and yeah, it's not a chore.
Planning, working hard, getting them ready for the EOG.
Ain't no worries, they're not stressing. Yeah, Yeah, they got me.

Verse 9 (Ms. Murrill)
Teaching all the students while they get their education.
Meeting after meeting got the teachers going crazy.
Scores going up at Northside.
Thinking, learning growing with persistence and pride.
(Now do the whip and represent that Northside.)


CLICK HERE to watch the music video of the original version of the rap produced in 2014.